Lamb baked 530 (Arnaki fournou)
Rooster noodles 569 (Kokoras Chelopites)
Spetzofai 563
Variety meats 614
Baked Feta cheese 502
Tomato & milky cheese 457
kritamo 394
kritamo 397
Tsitsiravla 387
Tsitsiravla with kritamo, tomato & olives 363
Greek salad 427
Greek salad 437
Ciabatta, olives, tomatoes, spinach & smoked fillet
Salad with cherry tomatoes & feta cheese 309
Salad with cherry tomatoes & feta cheese 316
Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes 333
Feta cheese with turkey fillet 301
Feta cheese with turkey fillet 300
Caesar salad
zucchini, spinach & salmon salad
Salad Hungarian
Stuffed vine leaves (Sarma or Dolmades gialantzi)
Eggplant Salad - Melitzanosalata
Spicy cheese salad - Terokafteri
Baked potatoes
Beef with Rice
Beef casserole - Giouvetsi
Chicken noodles - Kotopoulo Chelopites
Beans oven giants - Fasolia gigandes fournou
Celery salad - Selinosalata
Cheese salad
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